The Healing Power of Outcall Massage Hong Kong Style

Whenever I go to Hong Kong, I always try out the Ayurveda tantric massage in Hong Kong. This is the story about one such outcall massage session, which had a significant impact on my life. There I was sitting in my hotel suite, heartbroken, after my long-time girlfriend broke up with me. I felt like it was the end of the world. I didn’t feel like doing anything! Since I was in Hong Kong, one of my friends suggested me to take up a Hongkong massage session – which according to him would help in healing my soul and my body. After a lot of thought, I decided to order an outcall massage Hong Kong. One of their therapists – Lucy, came over to my hotel suite. She was an expert in body-to-body massage. At this point, I still was not interested in anything like this.

She came over to my room and asked me to take my clothes off and lie face down on my bed. She entered the room and slowly started talking to me. She quickly realized that I was broke and I was in no mood to have a massage. She played some soft music, lit some candles, and also sprayed some really seductive perfume. But she was very beautiful and attractive, and as soon as she started massaging me, I started to get mesmerized by her sheer presence! Touch, it seems, is imperative to our emotional and physical well-being. She added oil on her body and started rubbing herself on my back – all my worries just evaporated, and I was just thinking about Lucy. After a good half an hour of massaging my back, she asked me to turn over and then she started sliding and rubbing her entire body on my front. The feeling of her touch was just too much. The tantra massage was over after an hour and a half, but it left a lasting impression in my mind.

She also seemed to enjoy my company, and therefore we started meeting a lot – in fact every day! We went to movies, ate at some of the finest restaurant in Hong Kong, and did a lot of shopping and of course therapeutic tantra massage as well. I felt I was in love again, and pretty quickly – in just 7 days’ time, I proposed to her and she said “Yes”.  All my hurt feelings had been soothed by this new romantic interest, a young and beautiful woman was travelling with me – my massage therapist. I told my friends that she made me very happy, but deep inside I knew this relation would not last long and that both of our paths are different. I left Hong Kong after a couple of weeks and the both of us kissed, hugged and said good bye, never to meet again!

This was a short but sweet romantic massage relation that I had with Lucy, but it taught me an important lesson – i.e. never give up on your love-life, you will always fall in love if you keep trying!

Lovely young teen massage therapists

It was the last day of the company retire to Hong Kong China. I had done almost everything that was in my itinerary and had saved the best for last or so I thought until I actually went ahead and did it. Get a therapeutic massage from a Hong Kong massage therapist.

I went ahead to this secluded place my friends back home bragged about. I opened the door to find this beautiful environment filled with soothing sounds and flagrances that put my mind at ease. From the moment I set foot inside I felt my tension realize and took in the aurar that was being dished out.

I exchanged a few words with the receptionist and was directed into room number three requested to disrobe, cover myself with a towel and wait for the masseur. I did as instructed and headed to room three. On opening the door I was hit by the sweet and centric smell of jojoba massage oil combined incense candles that reflected of the sky blue walls. The soothing relaxing sound of nature both aquatic life and birds put my mind at ease giving me the impression that this experience is as grand and as fun as my friends had told me. Boy was I wrong.

She walked in my so called masseur covered with a poor excuse of clothing as it was but a silky black net that was see through. I gazed at her as she walked across the room making the impression that the very air I breathe was paving way for her not wanting to soil her silky supple skin. A lady so beautiful I couldn’t help but stare. As she edged closer to me so did her beauty shine blinding me binding me to my seat. Her body moving with rhythm hips swaying from left to right. I could not hear a word she said as I was drowned by her beautiful hypotonic mysterious black eyes and her red tender soft lips. She took of her slicky black dress to expose her well curved body. As I lay on the table she oiled her hands and that first touch from her sent chills down my spine. Never had I ever felt such from a woman but then again I doubt she was a mere woman.

As she moved her soft tender hands on my body I could feel my self-release all build up tension and enjoy the massage as most had done before me.

A midsummer night’s massage

There is perhaps nothing quite so relaxing, thrilling, exciting or satisfying than receiving a full on body to body massage, especially when its being administered by a professional and seasoned young Hong Kong masseuse. It is a life changing, unforgettably pleasurable experience, and definitely not something to miss out on.

So what exactly is a body to body massage?

Well to start, it is much more thrilling, intriguing and sensual than any typical massage. This is mainly because rather than just using her hands to massage your muscles, during a Hong Kong body to body massage the masseuse uses her entire naked and oiled up young body to sensually massage yours. Needless to say, it is obviously a much more intimate, hot, and sensually stimulating experience than any standard massage could hope to come close to.

What happens during a Hong Kong body to body massage?

The first major difference between a body to body massage and a standard massage is that both participants are entirely naked throughout the experience. To begin with, you will strip off all of your clothes and lay naked and uncovered on the massage table, there are no clothes or towels involved in a body to body massage, just skin to skin contact with the beautiful masseuse. She is a young, slim and athletic Hong Kong girl, with soft, milky skin, a toned and large bare chest.

She is completely undressed as she approaches you on the table, her small pinkish brown tits sticking out hard in the open air. She begins by reaching for a bottle of massage oil or nuru gel and pouring liberal amounts over both of your naked bodies, taking time to let it pour down her chest and making sure to rub it into her big chest and trickle it down between her youthful thigh gap. Once you are both thoroughly covered in massage oil she will begin by straddling you on the massage table and moving her oiled skin across yours in trained, repetitive motions, starting slowly by just dragging the tips of her tits up and down your body, then her big, spongy chest, and finally her whole body.

It is impossible to describe the feelings of intimacy and excitement as a young Hong Kong masseuse runs her hot, oiled, naked body up and down yours, paying attention to every body part and muscle, starting with your legs, feet, and back, then turning you over to rub the front of her glistening, wet body against the front of yours. She starts off the massage slowly and lightly, just caressing your oiled skin with hers, then adding speed and pressure as the massage continues. The feeling of thrill and excitement as the massage intensifies and she slips her warm, naked body along yours is something that can only be fully understood and appreciated once you’ve actually experienced it.

One can’t help but be thrilled and highly aroused during a full body to body massage with a hot Hong Kong beauty. The way her smooth, oily skin feels as it caresses every part of yours. The gentle kiss of her nipples on your naked, flesh, the deep, satisfying warmth of her beautiful body pressed up against you as you feel all the tension and stressing your life evaporating. Her hands, her thighs, her soft breasts and hard, brown little nipples are all employed with expert skill and erotic beauty in order deliver the most intense and seductive massage you can get. A full on body to body slide with an attractive young Hong Kong masseuse is an unforgettable, satisfying, and incredibly erotic experience, certainly one that you will remember for the rest of your life. The best part is that you can have this experience several different times and with different girls, each of whom adds a personal touch to their massage style.

Body slide is the most exotic, sensual, pleasurable and satisfying kind of massage that you can get, definitely something that is worth the time if you have the opportunity. It can’t get much better than a beautiful masseuse rubbing her naked, oiled up body on yours, thats for sure.

A letter from my client

I was in Hong Kong for 5 days; I was there for a business meeting. The meetings made me very tired throughout the morning and I had to go away from my work just for some time, so I did a little research on outcall massage Hong Kong. As I was staying alone in a hotel room I thought what the heck!, I’ll be brave and booked in a sensual body-to-body massage. I know I would be nervous but after reading all about these massages I knew I had to have one. There was you, a very attractive young massage therapist at the doorstep of my hotel suite – you name was Suzie that I can recall. I was instantly in love with you.

You came over and asked me to relax in my room, but before the massage I was required to shower and so was you the therapist. The knock at the door came, I was shaking I was so nervous but I wasn’t going to back out now I wanted to try this so bad. I let you in, we chatted for a bit while you set up the table and got the lights right, you sensed I was nervous and told me all would be ok. Now it was time to begin. I was completely undressed in front of a gorgeous and friendly therapist! You were in your Asian-style, white satin-linen loose massage attire, lily-patterned embroidery fragranced with mild petit grain essential oil.

I got on to the massage table face down. You started by dripping sweet almond oil all over my back. Then, you massaged my legs, and then moved over to rub the inside of my thighs going all the way up my legs then starting over again, this time you didn’t stop your fingers and touched the outside of my sore areas ever so lightly, then you’d go down to my feet and start again each time going further and further to my sore areas, it felt so good. Then more oil was dripped on my back and you started sliding all over it, touching each and every part of my back (and I really mean it) with each and every doze of your bodily warmth. It felt so sensual and I was completely relaxed. After a good 1 hour, you asked me to turn over. The, you dripped a lot of oil on my front and started sliding your body on my front, your generous mountains and valley touched my entire body and it felt so amazing. You had given me a tantric massage Hong Kong – which aims at rejuvenating all the parts of my body.

The whole massage lasted for about two hours, but after it completed I was in heaven. I could not think about anything else. In fact, I was brown away with this amazing experience. After the Hongkong massage we chatted for some time and you went back! But I was only thinking about you.

The next day, I again called you up and asked you to meet me for a coffee, you obliged – as you had enjoyed my company the previous day. I took you to my hotel suite and you gave me another tantric massage and I felt relaxed again. We kept meeting till it was time to say Good Bye, as I was supposed to leave Hong Kong. Even though I left Hong Kong, but I could not leave that heavenly face as it was deeply engraved in my memory.